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Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Phase of Mobile App Development

Lately, the IT industry has witnessed the emergence of high-end technologies from smart-watches to Google glasses and especially, the mobile app industry has seen a tremendous increase in technologies such as Big Data, Cloud-Based mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. However, the innovation and creation of different mobile apps haven’t stopped. The mobile app


Roadmap for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs to be Successful

Starting a new company can at times feel like assembling an airplane while you are taking off. And that is because of the effort and time it takes to become successful. There are many non-technical entrepreneurs around the globe who fortunately made their success stories and become the good examples of non-technical entrepreneurship. Want to


Top 3 Hot E-Commerce Mobile App Trends 2017

According to Statista, B2C e-commerce sales are projected to reach nearly 200 billion dollars by the year 2018, alone in the U.S. It is an undeniable truth that many customers now prefer shopping through their 5-inch smartphones. Certainly, e-commerce mobile app innovative ideas will greatly affect how customers distinguish and identify a specific brand. What