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Business Engagement Models


We understand your business requirements are unique. Considering that we offer various business engagement models to suit your needs.

1) Fixed Pricing

  • Fixed scope
  • Fixed price
  • Scope is clearly defined
  • Suitable and advisable when project requirement is clear(Crispy & Crunchy)
  • Estimations for the project would be shared using standard techniques into the terms of delivery in days with Technology stack
  • The cost of the project is calculated before project kick-off with milestones and delivery in days
  • Low risk option
  • Technology, Pricing, Milestones, Delivery in days, Scope everything is known

2) Time & Material model

  • Advisable when project requirement is not clearly defined and keeps on changing very frequently in different phases(Starting, Mid, Delivery)
  • Resources utilization for estimations (Business Analyst= 15%, Developer= 40%, Testers = 25%, Project Manager= 20%)
  • Fixed hourly Rates of Resources depending on their Experience level

3) FTE (Full Time Engagement)

  • Also defined as “Hiring Dedicated Resource” depending on their Experience level into the terms of years. (Business Analyst, Designers, Developers, Testers, Project Managers)
  • Fixed hourly rates
  • Requirement keeps on changing dynamically and client is expecting long term commitment E.g Product Conceptualization till Maintenances & Support
  • Sweet spot
  • Entire control of clients on their project with resources
  • Continuous support
  • We work as an extension of your IT needs from Designing till Development at each and every stage of SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle)
  • Support and Maintenance