This App is the curriculum powered by READY SET DANCE. It is available to teachers using the READY SET DANCE program only.

With READY SET DANCE, you no longer need to plan, search for, or create new content. It’s all done for you! Is a whole dance class ready to play from your pocket? But that’s not all, community support, big-budget marketing, and class resources are all available to you.



Module Details:

  • Features of Favorites

It’ll show your favorite Playlists and Tracks. From where you can play your favorite Playlist and Tracks Audio/ Video with Lyrics. Users can also connect the Android TV or Apple TV to play the Videos.

  • Features of News

In the news, users will be able to see all information and upcoming features, and package details. From there, users can read the details and also visits the provided links on the app.

  • Features of Onboarding

It’ll show the Process of Getting Started, Class Setup, Marketing Resources, and Staffing and Training with the help of Videos, and Descriptions.  With the help of videos and descriptions, users can set up their classes and get information about the plans which is provided for different categories of tracks and their playlist. Users will get instructions and resources on Marketing. It’ll also provide Staffing and Training resources and instructions as well.

  • Features of Playlist

In this section of the screen, users will be able to see all Playlists as per their purchased plan. Users can also filter out their Playlists by doing a search or selecting a category. Users can also replicate playlists or make custom playlists with their favorite tracks. From choosing a playlist users will get all tracks of that particular playlist. And also play the Tracks with Audio/ Video with Lyrics.

  • Features of Tracks

In the Tracks screen users will get all tracks as per their purchase plans. There is a filter to search the tracks or filter the tracks by choosing the category. Users can directly play the Audio/ Video with Lyrics.


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