About Recovr

Users are able to access rehab, prehab, mobility, strengthening and self-care programs to help them overcome annoying aches and pains.

All content is created by trusted rehab professionals that have gone through a rigorous quality content process. Our in web assessment makes sure relevant content is shown to the user, with the ability to reach out to a recovr professional if they need more support. Our network of rehab professionals allows users to find the rehab professional for them.

URL: https://recovr.com/


Module Details:

  • User

With the help of this module, User can login, register and able to perform assessment to the application. He/She also can forgot password as well.User can see their assessment-list and able to purchase recovr package.

  • Gym

Gym can be part of our system and provide better care to his gym members. Gym owners have one portal where he can manage his member's activation and deactivation of mobile recovr app.

  • Dashboard

Administrator can access dashboard and track the users activity. Administrators can view user's assessments question-answer and suggest best fit programs and able to send push notifications to specific user.

  • Blogs

Administrator can write,edit,update and delete their blogs related to health.

Team size

Project Manager 1
UI/UX Designer 1
Web Developers 4
QA 1

Technology Used

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