Project and Data Confidentiality is of utmost important to us and we highly value it. In order to protect the confidentiality of your projects in terms of data security, physical security etc. we take enough measures to create a highly secured environment for development. Client Confidentiality plays a crucial role in creating an effective and trustworthy long-term relationship with clients. We are thoroughly committed to protecting our client IP throughout the project life cycle.

Typically a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed and executed whenever we take on a project with any client that disposes respect for all private information. Here is what exactly our NDA includes:

  • The exact type of data or information that will be gathered from the client’s end
  • The core objective of gathering this data or information
  • The methods used to utilize the gathered data
  • The exact procedures and measures that will be taken to ensure utmost security

Employee NDA

  • At the time of joining of the employee, it is ensured that each of the employee signs a proprietary information and agreement to protect the data of the client. Along with this even individual NDAs are signed by the employees
  • Employees are always under an obligation of not disclosing any of the proprietary data/information directly or indirectly with anyone whosoever with any organization and are strictly not allowed to even summarize, copy, use, remove or publish any of the data/information from the company premises

Data Security

  • Firewalls are installed on our systems to restrict access to users only within the network
  • Virus scans are performed and detailed log files are maintained to effectively monitor and track usage
  • Any sort of public email systems, use of CD, disk drivers or writers are not used on any of our desktops
  • Unauthorized user access is prohibited through restricting the access to the administrator interface to only specific IP addresses

Project Related IP Protection

  • Dedicated resources are allocated to each project to maintain highest degree of protection. This avoids any unnecessary and unauthorized usage of resources thus retaining confidentiality
  • Any exchange of IP between projects is strictly forbidden due to our strong ethical framework.