Cross platform Mobile App Development

Not just people around us, the world has gone mobile completely. With so many big players in the market and market whales like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. it is utterly tough to compete and come up with new products. Not just competing, but which platform to select for your mobile app? No one knows what kind of smartphone our target audiences are using (iPhone, Android, or Windows). This where cross-platform mobile app development comes into the picture.

Our vast expertise in building cross-platform mobile applications utilizing standard technologies CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript is unmatched in the marketplace.

  • Dynamic Team of Tech Experts
  • Develop Apps across all Platforms
  • 100% Transparent and Collaborative
  • Agile Development Process

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
At Plutus, we deliver you custom-made cross-platform mobile apps (Native and Hybrid "HTML5") for a wide range of mobile devices and platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. There are quite a few adaptable and powerful frameworks for cross-platform mobile app development like PhoneGap, Sencha, AngularJS, SproutCore, Ember.js. These frameworks provide an HTML5-based platform for building native cross-platform mobile apps that give the same user experience in terms of look and feel across all devices such as tablets, PC, and smartphones.

  • Affordable App Development Costs
  • Quicker Development Process
  • Run on all Major Platforms
  • Easier to Market Products

PhoneGap App Development
PhoneGap is not only a cost-efficient cross-platform tool but it also delivers an efficient application to the market within no time. It is the most popular container for building hybrid mobile apps.

HTML5 App Development
The Aptitudes of HTML5 are remarkably enhanced for smartphones when combined with CSS3 and JavaScript.

Sencha Touch App Development
Sencha Touch is an adaptable cross-platform mobile development framework. It is used to design elegant user interfaces on the mobile web.

Ionic App Development
Ionic is a scalable and maintainable framework. It has greatly mobile-optimized library of HTML, CSS, & js components. In addition, it features gestures and tools to make sure interactive app development with ease.

Having an expert team of cross-platform mobile app developers and using agile development methodology, Plutus Technologies can develop cross-platform mobile apps for any business.

  • Beautiful UI/UX
  • Expert UI Designers
  • App Quality Assurance
  • Responsive Design
  • Assured Customer Satisfaction
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Development Frameworks

We understand that each and every platform is unique, has different properties and capabilities, and accordingly we meticulously build your app to assure it arrives its full potential for a specific platform.

Why Clients Choose Plutus Technologies?

  • Our transparent and communicative approach with clients
  • Complete Quality Assurance (QA) testing in every phase of the app development
  • Successfully delivered 100+ projects
  • 40+ in-house expert app developers with rich & diverse expertise
  • Comprehensive understanding of cross-platform app development frameworks
  • In-depth knowledge of hybrid app development