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Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Phase of Mobile App Development


Emerging Technologies That Will Change the Phase of Mobile App Development

Lately, the IT industry has witnessed the emergence of high-end technologies from smart-watches to Google glasses and especially, the mobile app industry has seen a tremendous increase in technologies such as Big Data, Cloud-Based mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

However, the innovation and creation of different mobile apps haven’t stopped. The mobile app development industry has produced a wide range of technologies that will play a vital role in the coming generation of enterprise mobility solutions. And the list of emerging mobile technologies that will change the world of apps and industry is extremely large to cover in one single article, so for the purpose of this article, we are listing technologies that are already adopted by mobile apps in the consumer market.

1. Cloud-Based Apps

cloud based mobile apps
Cloud-based apps gets the first spot in my list of emerging mobile technologies. Cloud-based mobile apps have a crucial role in corporate businesses primarily for their potential for cost affordability. According to F5 latest survey, nearly 81% of the total 3000 surveyed business said that they are planning to move toward hybrid cloud because of the flexibility and cost savings it offers.

The cloud technology affects the mobile app development in enormous ways. Mainly, the cloud makes it possible for mobile apps to access information and use it to sync with different devices. With advantages like data recovery, increased security, and enhanced collaboration, organizations are developing cloud-based mobile apps.

2. The Invisible Interface

As the mobile applications are advancing, the conventional interface is fading away. There are no more “Click here” links exist as they did when the web was first introduced. Since we are now more accustomed to the new gestures such as haptic touch and voice technology, the need for the visual interface is retiring.

Now is the era of the new invisible interface. As an entrepreneur, you must be wondering what an invisible interface is. Let me explain. An invisible interface is all about how you can anticipate the desires and needs of your customers and provide them as efficiently as possible. Which also means that you need to formulate intuitive ways that let your app users navigate your app easily beyond the tap.

3. IoT – Connecting World With Devices

The fast adoption of cloud-based apps brings us another technology; IoT – Internet of Things. Analytics prognosticate that IoT will be the big thing in the technological world in the coming years as more and more consumers will be in connection to physical things in the approaching future.

Google’s self-driving car is an excellent example of a thing that uses wireless data communications, sensors, and connects other devices to communicate with drivers and their environment. Other fine examples include controlling home appliances and vehicles all through a mobile app.

4. Location-Based WiFi Services

Beacon technology and mobile location-based services have eradicated the boundaries that lie between online and offline advertising and iPhone maker, Apple, has already blended the technology within iBeacon. In the coming years, more and more users will use WiFi for more than just browsing as there will be more public hotspots that maximize as location access spots.

5. Augmented Reality

In the list of emerging mobile technologies, how can we forget AR? In augmented reality, we overlay the pieces of a virtual world over the real world. And on mobile devices, this means improving what you can see through the camera device with multimedia images. For instance, you can point your camera to any particular thing and learn its complete information from a movie poster to a random star in the sky.

Stella Artois, a big brand in the beer industry, uses augmented reality in their app to let the customers find the nearest bar that sells Stella and this is just the beginning. Very soon users will be able to find information on their favorite products, locations, and a person’s background information.


Mobile app technologies are evolving with each passing day, and developers and programmers need to stay updated with the latest tools, trends & emerging mobile technologies.