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Importance of User Experience in Mobile App Development


Importance of User Experience in Mobile App Development

Clearly, mobile applications are making people’s lives easier than ever. Right from grocery app and booking tickets (movies and travel) to watching live match, mobile apps are taking people by storm. Creating a great user experience(UX) is a root for the success of any mobile app. The user experience defines how the app feels and works from a user perspective. It is just as important as User Interface(UI).

The other day, I was asked by someone regarding how useful and effective the recent grocery app was that I installed. Of course, you too might have exchanged such conversations with your friends. But, what if the answers to such questions end up with – Oh  yeah, but the app didn’t work properly, I didn’t understand how the app works, or it is too complicated. I am sure no one likes that. Especially, the one who owns the app.

If the users are not happy with the mobile application development or the way how your mobile application works or looks, then they are going to uninstall it in a heartbeat. However, a good user experience opens door to various interests for the businesses who created it and here some of them you would like to consider:

Enhanced Customer Value

As someone rightly said, “Great experience leads to conversations.” I personally believe, if one user is liking your app then certainly they will recommend it to others. When you exactly provide your customers what they need, want, and like, you are definitely going to increase your customers.

On one hand, make sure your app is free from all kinds of  bugs and errors and on the other, take timely feedback from your customers to increase the user experience in a better way.

Reduction in Support Costs

Even though your application has everything that a user wants and needs, at times, consumers struggle with simple issues. So make sure you include every single detail about the app to provide ease to your customers. This will result in reduction of costs for support devices.

Increased User Base Loyalty

Definitely, no one likes a bad functioning app. If your app has bugs, errors, and a lot of complexity in using, then you are surely not going to foster an enduring relationship with your customers. But, if you provide them a good user experience, that will not only increase your customers as well as their loyalty which keeps them coming back to you.

A Competitive Edge to Beat the Competition

In the end, how you will beat your competitors matters just like any of the above points. Providing users a good experience is one thing and how you will stand out from the crowd is another. According to a study on zdnet, Google Play Store has nearly 1,400k applications, while iOS App Store has close to 1,250k.  

With competition in every industry and sector, ensuring your app gets enough visibility is a painful process. However, you can make sure that your app stands out by including the features and benefits that are lacking in apps developed by your competitors. This gives you the edge over your competitors.

When a user wants to switch from a PC to a mobile app, they are expecting more and the experience should not be compromised. Which means your app functionality and content must be in line with who you are targeting and what they want.


If you really want to enhance your user experience, it is imperative that you should consider questions like who are you targeting? What do they want? What do you want your customers to feel? What are you expecting from them? You ought to think in their shoes and use these questions to build a great user experience that promotes conversations, loyalty, and overall customer satisfaction.