Ionic vs. React Native which one is better for your business startup?

Ionic v/s React Native

Ionic vs React Native

Ionic v/s React Native

which is better for cross-platform application development?

With the rising popularity of mobile platforms, a lot of technologies and frameworks are running between the race to make things simpler and smoother for customers. However, choosing the right technology to meet your objectives is essential for long-term success and provide a better user experience.

In this article, we will discuss two of the most famous frameworks – Ionic and React Native

Ionic is a hybrid mobile app development framework while React Native is a cross-platform native app development framework. Let me explain in much more detail about hybrid and native app frameworks to have a better understanding.

Hybrid Mobile App Framework v/s Native App Framework

A hybrid mobile app framework is used for building web applications that build with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These Web applications can run on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Safari and other web browser. The important advantage of using a hybrid mobile app framework is that they are budget-friendly. Some examples of hybrid mobile apps are Evernote, Baskin Robbins, Uber, etc.

On the other hand, a native app framework is one that is used for building native apps in a specific language for a specific platform. For example, a React Native iOS app will be written in Objective C or a React Native Android app will be written in Java. The prime advantage of using a native app framework is a fast and reliable performance. Some React Native app examples are Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Walmart etc.

Now let us take a look at the popular frameworks in detail.

React Native – Cross-platform Native App Framework

React Native framework is developed by Facebook for developing cross-platform native apps. React-Native uses the same UI building blocks as in Android and iOS apps development, the apps built in React Native is completely different from Native apps (iOS using objective C, Swift, Android using Java).

Features of the React Native framework:

  • Reusable components on both iOS and Android.
  • Code can be easily understood and modified by the developers hence it takes less time to develop app.
  • It has a wide community of developers.
  • With the help of virtual-DOM support, changes can be seen in real-time.

For better and easy understanding we have created quick comparison :

Ionic V/S React Native Ionic React Native
Code Language Code in TypeScript Code in JSX
Release 2013 2015
Performance Medium performance level since it uses web view. Very good performance level.
Components It has more pre developed and pre styled components. Very few pre developed components.
Code Re-usability Reuse the code to develop Android, iOS, Windows phone, Web, Desktop and Progressive web apps. Reuse the code to develop Android, iOS and Windows phone apps.
Testing and Debugging Its testing cycle is very fast and can be check on any browser. Testing needs emulator or real mobile device.
Documentation Very basic documentation. Simple, Clean and consistent documentation.
Community Support okay. Strong.
Marketplace Ionic has a very good independent marketplace with tons of plugins and extended functionality. React native marketplace is relatively less.

Write developer experience in few words:
Ionic vs React

Working for a software development company, we asked certain questions to our developers who have worked on Ionic and React native app programming and building app cycle. Based on their experience we can suggest that when your app highly depends on the ready code and if the goal is to develop and deploy an app in a short time, then Ionic would be the best choice. And if there is a requirement of an app with high performance with a unique end-user interface, responsive UI, and amazing user experience, then React Native would be the best choice.


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