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IoT- Creating a Smarter Tomorrow


IoT- Creating a Smarter Tomorrow

Internet of Things (IoT) is converting the daily physical things into an ecosystem of information that will upgrade our lives. Building applications that could do more than just controlling home appliances remotely will make IoT a lot more than what it already is.  From air conditioners to parking lots, IoT is leading more and more things to the digital world every day.

The story of Internet of Things (IoT) pretty much rotates around machine-to-machine interface. It is built on cloud computing and outlines the confluence of enhanced data storage capacity and wireless connectivity. IoT wouldn’t have been this smarter without sensors and mobile technology or you can say Mobile Application Development. They detect and measure possible changes in light, battery life, temperature, humidity etc. IoT is virtual, instant, and makes everything in our lives from a refrigerator to Range Rover “smart”.

Why is IoT Important to Businesses and Consumers?

Internet of Things is already changing the businesses at a fundamental level. Sooner, it is going to change the businesses in every way they operate. In 2 key ways, we believe IoT will revolutionize every business. Also it is going to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

(a) IoT assists in making smarter products

Earlier, we used phones only to make phone calls. But, now our smartphones replaced every little thing we couldn’t even think about. Today, 4 out of 5 consumers expect more from the device they carry. Albeit it looks bizarre at first sight to have a smart badminton racket or smart dumbbells, these are just the initial footsteps into the digital world of Internet of Things.

Not just phones, wearable technology is a fine and solid example of how IoT is growing with each passing day. Right from fitness wristbands, armbands to smartwatches, these innovations are pushing IoT into healthcare, sports, retail, and every other industry.

(b) IoT Empowers Smarter Business Decisions

Internet of Things (IoT) is not only regarding smart devices, it is about sensors too. The tiny sensors can be attached to anything from cooking pans to the pillars on the ground floor. They record information and then send back into the cloud. Doing so will let businesses gather specific data and feedback.

For instance, Microsoft employs a software that gathers data on what features are being used for its products so that it can take down the least performing ones. These sensors are not limited to just products or things, businesses are attaching sensors to places, people, processes, etc. to collect data and analyze it to make better decisions.

Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just about how “smart” your products are or how “smart” your decisions are. IoT is a fundamental shift. Out of all the technology happenings that are taking place currently, Internet of Things is the significant one.  


Well, this is just the beginning. IoT is going to rise more and more. Still, not even 1% of all devices could be connected to the internet. Just think of the limitless opportunities IoT can get. It is going to take us to a future where it seems impossible to imagine the world without smart infrastructure, smart houses, smart roads, etc.