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We are versatile in building high-performance, scalable, real-time applications on a powerful back-end and event-driven Node.js development

About Node.JS Development

Node.js has become one of the most popular JavaScript runtime environments that has an event driven architecture and ensures optimal throughput for your web apps. It is lightweight and extremely good for apps that require performance and scalability.  Startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies use Node.js for various desktop applications, real-time applications, full-stack development and even large scale applications.


Benefits of Node.JS Development

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Robust Client-app Communication

It can handle n number of client requests at one time still runs faster.

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Faster Development Process

It takes lesser time as compared to other languages to develop apps.

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API and Back-end Development

JavaScript-based technology will speed up back-end and API development.

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Inexpensive Development Cycle

It is rich in features, requiring less resources to accomplish big projects.

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Node.js applications are highly scalable and takes lesser resources compared to others.

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Active Community

Node.js Package Manager consists of thousands of open source node.js libraries.

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Highly Secured

Node.js development provides fully reliable, robust and secure architecture.

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Improve Productivity

Node.js development is faster and scalable hence it provides higher productivity.

Hire Node.JS Developer

Node.JS Development services

Plutus Technologies is a leading Node.js development company providing excellent development services, which include mobile and web development. We closely work with our client business requirements to deliver high-performance apps.

  • Node.js based server-side development
  • Node.js based API development and integration
  • Node.js application development using MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL), and Redis databases
  • E-commerce & shopping cart development
  • Mobile app development
  • Library development

Why Plutus?

Plutus professionals are adept in formulating Node.js applications that perform fluently and without any interruptions. We are delivering the best Node.js development services in the industry.

  • We are having  a team of dedicated developers who are all set to develop robust and progressive applications.
  • Node.js being built on the Google V8 engine is fast-paced. Our experts are matching with the standards of node.js.
  • Our team will provide 24×7 assistance both pre and post the development process.
  • If your application needs to upgrade at a higher level, the developers work with advanced Node.js programming to make your application better.

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