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How Retail Mobile App Development Reshaping the Retail Industry


How Retail Mobile App Development Reshaping the Retail Industry

I need not start the post with the significance of the mobile apps and how it can influence consumers since we all are familiar with it. The impact of mobile apps is everywhere seen even in the retail industry right from daily essentials to clothing and accessories, today’s modern day shopaholics are carrying ready info of each and every product in their hands. Due to the rise in the retail industry, eCommerce mobile app trends are also finding their way to success.

With the much on-the-move lives of today’s consumers, retail store owners are finding new ways so that they can stay in touch with their consumers’ needs. Information Technology has let many store owners take this kind of consumer engagement approach to a better level with the help of retail mobile app development.  

Mobile App Development is on the Rise – Retail Industry

According to Apptentive consumer survey on retail mobile app usage, nearly  88% of surveyed users use retail mobile apps. This number says that mobile apps have improved the shopping experience for both the consumers and companies. Online retailers like who don’t own in-store are also making their name in the industry by serving their consumers through a mobile app. In fact, retailers just by catering to the mobile consumers and leveraging the opportunities of mobile apps can truly enhance their customer loyalty and generate more sales like never before.  

Here are some of the app trends that can drive sales for retailers and improve the shopping experience for consumers:

1. Giving Additional Information

Whether it is an in-store or mobile app, the one common thing that connects all consumers is the need for additional information. So make sure you provide the maximum information of the product to the consumers through the app. Along with the product general information, also let your app do product or price comparison so that your consumers can see the difference with the other retail mobile apps. You may also include products that match items to the ones that are already searched and sharing products among friends.

2. Discounts, Offers, & Rewards

Through mobile apps, retailers are now more effectively offering discounts and rewards for existing customers. Regardless of the in-store, many retailers now are present online which they can use for offering incentives to existing customers, launching new discounts, offers, and much more. The evolution of mobile apps for retail shopping has widened the opportunities for shop owners to enhance their overall sales.

3. Mobile App – An Effective Marketing Tool

A conventional advertising and marketing strategies take more time and cost when compared to a mobile app. Mobile app development for retail industry is proven to be more effective means of marketing their products and services. The app will not only just let consumers buy whatever they wish to but also save the products they liked so that they buy whenever they want to. Such mobile friendly apps can also help the consumers share product info easily, and which will ultimately effect in word-of-mouth publicity.


The above statistics and trends clearly indicate that retail mobile app development is evolving at an astonishing pace. Earlier, mobile apps used to be simple in functionality, having an online presence of the organization’s website. But now, the whole scenario changed, with customers demanding to manage their everyday essentials in real time with respect to existing location and activity.