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Roadmap for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs to be Successful


Roadmap for Non-Technical Entrepreneurs to be Successful

Starting a new company can at times feel like assembling an airplane while you are taking off. And that is because of the effort and time it takes to become successful. There are many non-technical entrepreneurs around the globe who fortunately made their success stories and become the good examples of non-technical entrepreneurship. Want to know some of them?

  • Rob Rawson –
  • Jessica Scorpia – Getaround
  • Jack Ma – Alibaba (E-Commerce)

And the list goes endless. Now that you understand, you don’t have to be a tech-savvy dude to start a business. However, there are a few key steps to make sure that your business is on right path:

Know Your Audience

In order to target, know and understand your audience first. Whether you are selling paper pins or washing machines, you should understand your customers if you want to double your sales. Because, the more you know about your audience, the effectively you can promote your products or services.

You need to know whom you are targeting and how to efficiently reach them. For few products or services, the target audience is quickly defined. For instance, the target audience for billing software could be professionals who want to organize and track their online payments.   

The initial point in knowing who your target audience is to recognize the problems that you determine. Once you are familiar with what these are, you can easily understand who is likely or already suffering from these problems.

Try to leverage your experiences and previous connections to use in your business.  This factor determines how and where to spend your dollars marketing your business.   

Make a Right Team

Putting the right team together is just as important as any other. Because of limited funds, knowledge, or any other reason, you just can’t stand alone. Recognize your strengths and accept your weaknesses.

You may lack marketing, sales, or finance. Don’t just find anyone. Look for professionals who have the skills and experience in your industry and understand your target markets.

If you have a team of 4 and you hire one, that one person is now 5% of your team. So, hiring the wrong professional could cost you more than hiring the right one. For Example: If you are willing to develop an IT firm that develops iOS apps, without having technical knowledge of iOS development, first you should

For Example: If you are willing to develop an IT firm that develops iOS apps, without having technical knowledge of iOS development, first you should hire iOS application developer who has immense knowledge & experience in particular field.

Since your employees are the backbone of your company, you need to ensure that your employees see the same vision as you. When you are building a team, it is essential that everyone shares the same vision, understanding the core values and culture of the company. Once you have the right team, your business will be able to grow in the right way.

Master the Art of Pre-Selling

You can not expect your potential customers to like or buy the product or service once it is launched. First, convince your customers to buy your products long before they pay. Start with special offers, discounts, or anything that could get them buy your products. The reason behind pre-selling is that customers need time to think and evaluate your product or service.  
Never think that pre-selling is just about a big announcement about your product or service. It typically involves 3 peculiar steps which will make the customer want your product.

  1. The very first step that comes in pre-selling a product is knowing how to announce your product or service without any fanfare.
  2. Stay ahead of the curve with the details and process that is involved in launching a product or service.
  3. Never rush for an instant launch. Such launches don’t get expected results and often end up as damp squibs.

Taking Calculated Risks

Of course, nobody likes to take risks since we are not sure of the outcomes. But, one should take calculated risks; where we can monitor and control. An entrepreneur should know where and when to take calculated risks in their businesses. Taking risks will show you a new world of opportunities where earlier you didn’t have because of your comfort zone.  

Not just opportunities, but taking risks strengthens you as an entrepreneur, which is a must characteristic for any business owner. Essentially, business owners should know how to channel their fears, especially if that can get in the way of a favorable outcome.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about taking risks, it is certain if you want to continue to promote your business.

Every entrepreneur has taken risks at some or the other point in their life because we all know in order to enhance your success point you have to step out of your luxury zone and break boundaries.

At some stage, any company will involve some hard tasks such as finding a solution for a problem, addressing a new product, creating new selling or marketing strategies, etc. However, if you follow the above steps, you can eliminate uncertainties to some extent.

You can further enhance your chances of being a successful entrepreneur by educating yourself about each and every aspect of your products or services.