About Reshyne

The backend, constructed using the Django REST framework, ensures smooth and seamless management of all aspects of the project, facilitating efficient operations and customer satisfaction.

Reshyne streamlines and updates the repair process for today’s world, so you can offer your customers a modern, powerful, and reliable service experience online. 

This is a white-label platform having pre-loaded and fully customizable menus that make it easy to integrate 

Reshyne with your website, giving customers an uninterrupted experience of your brand.

Customer Portal: https://pc-jewels-uat.reshyne.com

Store/Admin Portal: https://qjr-uat.reshyne.com

Vendor Portal: https://vendor-uat.reshyne.com


The project is primarily structured into the following four distinct portals:

  • Admin Portal

As a Reshyne administrator user can add a new store to initiate the onboarding process, can manage store plans, support payment gateway information, and initial price lists for all the master products.

  • Store Portal

The store portal in Reshyne serves as a central hub for managing various aspects of the online store. It is a web-based interface that enables store owners to oversee and control the entire e-commerce operation. 

  • Vendor Portal

The vendor portal allows service providers to register and submit their information for consideration while doing the onboarding and registration process.

  • Customer Portal

It provides customers with a dedicated online platform where they can access information, manage their service requests, and engage with the store services. Customers can manage their profile, addresses, and track their orders, and payment-related information.

Team size

Project Manager 1
Front end developers 2
Back end developers 3
UI/UX Designer 1
QA 1

Technology Used

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