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Choose your desired topic and sub-topic to access specific exams, tailor-made to suit your learning needs. With an active subscription plan, you gain access to both main topics and subtopics, maximizing your potential for success.

Track your progress and achievements on the test summary page, where you can view your completion time, achieved score, and a detailed breakdown of correct and incorrect answers. Stay on top of your game and excel in the world of skilled trades with our comprehensive exam app.



Module Details:

  • Login Screen Features

Register users can log in and start using the application by signing in with their email and password.

  • Dashboard Screen Features

Registered users can see their exam taken count, average score, and active plan on this home page.and the below list shows the application plan that the user can purchase at any time, “Single Test Use” This plan purchases a particular test. “Monthly Plan” this plan is for a month. and last is the “Annual Plan” which is a one-year plan. after purchasing this plan users can access all topics and subtopic exam questions without an Ad.

  • Test Screen Features

Users have the option to access specific exams by selecting their desired topic and sub-topic. Users with an active subscription plan are eligible to take exams for both main topics and subtopics. On the other hand, non-subscribed users can only access and take exams related to the main topics, with no access to subtopic exams.

  • Exam Screen Features

This exam page shows multiple-choice questions, remaining time, and equations index.

  • Result Screen Features

This screen displays the user's examination results based on the respective dates.

  • Test Summary Features

The test summary page provides an overview of the user's results. This page presents essential details such as the time taken to complete the exam, the achieved score, and correct and incorrect answer details.

Team size

Project Manager 1
Developers 3
UI/UX Designer 1
QA 1

Technology Used

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