Client ideas and data confidentiality are of utmost important to us and we highly value it. We are thoroughly committed to protect our client confidentiality throughout the project life cycle. We encourage clients to sign by-laterals NDA to protect confidentiality of their idea and data. Here is what exactly our NDA includes:

Employee NDA

All employees are required to sign NDA at the time of joining Plutus Technologies. it is to ensure that employees understand and value confidentiality of the client and solutions they build for them.

Employees are restricted from disclosing any data, information algorithm, code snippets, database or any other project related information to any third party person or organization written or verbal.

Data Security

  • Firewalls are installed to prevent any unauthorized access to our network.
  • CCTVs and bio-metric access ensure no unauthorized access of premises.
  • Restricted usage of CDs, DVDs, pen-drives or any other storage devices.
  • Live servers are accessible only through our dedicated IPs.

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